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The act of masterbating to a picture of a friend on facebook without his/her permission.
(Wayne's dick stood erect as he impatiently browsed through Gina's facebook photo's looking for an ass shot. He finally found one. Photo 17)

....the next day....

Wayne: I rapebooked the shit out of you last night

Gina: Whats rapebooking?

Carl: Yeah Gina, photo #17 in the "crazy summer nights" album was great!
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
When a person types in all caps lock. This person might be hyper, jittery, excited etc. and feels the need to express through caps lock. You may feel as though they are screaming at you through the computer. It can be very annoying and aggravating. You may also feel the need to strangle the person behind the keyboard.

Bill: stfu

Kenny: WHY!?!?!!?

Bill fucking hates when people Caps Squawk
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
Scientifically. Whack. Ass. Guess. This can be used to answer something you don't know but by using the S.W.A.G method it gives you a slim chance to answer correctly and gives your answer a sense of swag.
Joey: Did you hear about that fight last night during lunch?

Dominic: Yeah bro i heard it was fucking awesome.

Joey: Ehh kinda.. it wasn't too great.

Dominic used the S.W.A.G method to make it look like he knew what he was talking about and his answer had some "swag". It was a safe answer because in fact he hadn't seen it or heard about it but just assumed it would be "fucking sweet".
by ChadSonZor December 13, 2009
The countdown that takes place at Times Square before they drop the ball on New Years. This event is named after wide reciever Braylon Edwards because of his successful amount of drops on the football field. (Ironic enough, he plays for New York)
Richard: Hey dude its time for the Braylon Countdown!

Elmer: Oh shit your right!

Everyone: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
A person who has suffered random calls from random friends in their contacts they never knew they had. The person calling claims "it was because of the touch screen" or "it called in my pocket" or "i meant to call my mom, sorry" etc. You are a victim to bullshit, annoyance and lies.
Wendy's phone randomally went through her contacts found Raluph's number and called it. Raluph answered it to a bunch faint voices and ruffles from being in her pocket. He frantically screamed hello 100 times before he hung up. Raluph suffered as a Random Calling Victim.
by ChadSonZor November 02, 2009
this occurs when a girl takes a dump and out of her ass comes her shit and cum forming a vanilla chocolate swirl which the male than forces down her throat.
Joe: Dude I heard you railed Jill last night?

Frank: Ya bro it was intense, I gave her a vanilla chocolate swirl.
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
Code name for Boner in Class Syndrome. It helps hide the real humility with this three letter acronym. Particularly bad when called up to the board, bell rings, fire drill, sudden movement behind you and/or anything else forcing you to get up from your seat.
(William directly focuses on Helen's ass and lime green colored thong while in the middle of a class discussion on Emily Dickinson)

Mrs. Dickonface: William it appears as though your pork sword is trying to escape its denim cage!

William: Fuck off!

Mrs. Dickonface: Take yourself and your BCS and move to the front!

(William hurries to readjust his dick in his waistband while the class stares at the tip that just barely sticks out of the top of his jeans)
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
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