1) Boston College, which happens to be a college in Boston.
2) Bankers Club, maker of dirt cheap liquor.
3) Before Christ, or whatever you want to call it...the time before the
During the trip to BC I was so wasted off BC vodka that I couldn't have told you if it was 2004 AD or BC.
by Nick D January 13, 2004
Booty Call
Paul: It looks like people are in my house, but they're all in the city.

Herman: Hit up some BC's

Paul: You know it
by Seaman4life October 05, 2010
Backupchain a system to backup your porn and transfer it over the Internet without your bitchy wife knowing about it.
Also can be used to help give your friends access to your porn hub when the time is right.
Bob: dude, I need some porn now!

Tim: dude chill, I am bcing it now!
by diana111 March 19, 2010
Blunt Cruise
BC stands for blunt cruise, which means you are smoking a blunt (marijuana) while driving (or riding) in a car.
Lets go on a BC during our open.
by hjae January 01, 2006
= Boner Coverage
Abbreviation used to point out some poor (male)soul suffering from hornyboneritis. Very humorous, very embarrassing if you are the individual. Victim commonly found with book, backpack, etc. over private area, or with legs crossed and hands stressing by the force of the arms to hold IT down.
psst! hey, i said HEY!! psst, look at at Brian! Total BC man. He's not going to grow any muscles by holding that little thing down!! (insert laughter of whole class here---->)
by Paul Falk August 29, 2004
Simon Fraser University slang for 'Bad Call'; see also gc
BC on ruining good food with drugs, let's never add pot to yummy brownies again.
by Mccow 4C rox March 29, 2004
basic chronic. This is a type of hydroponic marijuana, better than schwag but not as good as dank. Some say this stands for british columbia, but bud in the US is very seldom actually from there.
yo nig that boy gots some tripple-A bc, its not bad at allz
by tize February 12, 2004

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