w00t w00t w00t Best Drink Ever
I have blue balws
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003
Best. gaming. drink. ever.
by Fox October 03, 2003
amazingly good stuff. Keeps you up and great for gaming.
Dont drink too much of this stuff, itll make you hyper and make you shake your hands a lot. Therefore throwing you off aim in Counter Strike, making you get owned.
by blaobmfkblaob May 17, 2004
Bawls is the heavens drink
Qw3ett likes to drink bawls so he becomes uber!
by peeump May 08, 2003
tastes like cream soda!!!
Gimme some of that shit!
no man its expensive material!

uploading bawls #######--- 70%
by d3n13d November 15, 2003
it's frickin good shit
bawls is my favorite drink in the whole wide world
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
Tastes better than Jolt
Bawls > Jolt
by MoonKnight April 17, 2003
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