A caffiene drink that makes espresso look like water, never drink more than 3,000mg of caffiene. EXTREMELY dangerous and painfull.(did it once).also it is the fruit of the gods
Man im feeling low because my gf dumped me, "drink some BAWLS and you will be a pimp in no time"

Man i have'nt slept in 3days, should not of drank all those BAWLS.:)
by Pat A.K.A loy November 24, 2005
BAWLS is a highly caffinated energy drink. One bottle of BAWLS Guarana (10oz.) has 120 calories. Bawls Guaranexx (10oz.) has 0 calories. BAWLS Guarana has 80mg of caffeine per 12 oz. It is made from guarana and tastes most closely to 7up or Sprite, but should be tried anyway if neither of those drinks are liked (this was just the most closely related drinks I could think of.) The guarana berry can be found in the Amazon Rainforest which has a naturally occuring form of caffine which indians used to use to give themselves and energy boost. The name, BAWLS, is not derived from anything. The name was simply chosen because if you heard it, you would not forget it (the name is an advertisement in itself.) Also, the blue bottle with raised bumps on it is in circulation not only for grip when wet, or for having a dark bottle, but also because it 'looks cool' (according to the manufacturers of BAWLS.) The bottle is the Winner of the Glass Packaging Institute's Clear Choice Award 2005 for Best Packaging of a Carbonated Beverage. BAWLS is not a well known drink in all areas. Many saw BAWLS for the first time in the Xbox third-person shooter game, 'Run Like Hell.' Drinkers of such drink are encouraged by the manufacturer to ask local and major stores to carry BAWLS. SnoBAWLS is a new version of the caffine drink, but in frozen form (to beat the heat of the summer) made from guaranexx. There is also a sugar free version of BAWLS also made from the guaranexx berry. BAWLS Mints are also sold, which supposedly have about 1/12 the caffine amount of a single Bawls beverage and are fizzy and taste sweet.
Can I have two BAWLS please?
by LTZ May 26, 2006
Really potent guarana drink with lots of caffiene that I've never had. Pity me... Also glows green when next to a black light!
I'm going to a huge LAN party so GIVE ME MY BAWLS!!!!!!!!!!!
by wouldntyouliketoknow May 30, 2004
kick ass mixer. Uber caffinated, and really good with some vodka and penguin mints ( a blue bawls).
I got totally shit faced from all those blue bawls.
by amber November 15, 2004
Best caffeine drink ever!!!
Bawls can make a man stay up for 48 hours straight.
by Nick June 27, 2004
This is me conforming, bawls is awesome!
never thought you'd want blue bawls did ya?
by Tingles February 02, 2005
I high caffeine drink with a blue bottle that looks like a dildo.
Grab your Bawls and run!
by TimUSCA September 19, 2003
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