The official drink of the Guitar Hero community. Comes in a blue bottle. Drink one of these and you will 100% Through the Fire and Flames in no time.
Hey lets go drink some Bawls and maybe we will FC TTFAF.
#guitar hero #rockband #rock #drink #bawls
by AnonymousSH April 03, 2009
a popular gamer energie drink,
although some think the containor is shaped like genitals,
it is not
sirmogeth:would you like some new Bawls energie drink???
isaac-chan:f*** ya!!!
#balls #energie drink #acc cream #sex jelly #liquid goodness.
by sirmogeth January 16, 2006
located under the penis and is good for producing semen or the best damn energy drink ever. my best freind died from to much(RIP DUSTIN).
she suked my bawls or dude you want to taste my bawls
by garat August 10, 2004
A lot of crying because your asian chick wont follow through with her cyber promises
Gloria made me bawl last night
#gloria #bawl #sadness #cry #sad
by Rarwrwrwrw July 30, 2008
the "real" name of dog's ball in Half life 2
"I threw bawl at the hideous zombie"
by Dude745 January 17, 2005
to fuck
Listen to
Tenacious D - Track 6
by arthur November 01, 2003
One of the best drinks out there, I love Bawls and i normally have them when i go paintballing but sadly they hardly have anymore caffine than coke.

and who the hell has LAN partys with bawls or lan partys at all, like you know your'e a fag when.

LAN party kid: yeah im COOL im going to go drink a bawls

Regular kid: go kill yourself or atleast go get another drink to have with youre gay lan partys
#good #tasty #bawls #energy #drink
by sfig April 18, 2006
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