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Confused, Blank, Distraught, Disturbed, In Confusion
When approached and you are unable to distinguish or answer a certain question. Tilt the head at a 45 Degree angle and say " Baur " (Ba-U-R, BA-O). Meaning you dont understand or confused.
by KKarma May 09, 2006
1.) somthing only idiot say when they have nothing else to say meow
2.)when a person is avoiding to answer a question
person 1.- are we going to the gym?
person 2.-baur?
by Frank Rodriguez January 04, 2005
1. To Baur: to have to poop
2. To be Baured up: to be constipated
1. I really have to find a bathroom, i have to take a HUGE Baur!
2. This trip is killing me, i have been Baured up the entire time!
by TRAVELING LINGUISTS August 23, 2010
A form of protest, used when the protester has no legitimate argument.
Awesomepossum87: two plus two is obviously four.
Sillyturkey6101: BAUR!
by Don6 March 18, 2006
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