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A condom that you keep in your wallet in spite of the fact that you know you already have a girlfriend.
'He's gone to see that bird again'

'He's proper gonna get her up the duff, his Mrs will find out!'

'Don't worry youth he's packing a banter sheath just incase'
by babadobey January 04, 2010
An exclamation of a general failure to achieve something. Should be shouted directly into the face of the failure to irritate to full effect.
''Shit I left my wallet on the fuckin train again"

by babadobey January 06, 2010
The name given when someone is boasting and over eggs the pudding.
'What was that Stu? six nil?'

'Oh, Chuckles McGloat over here'
by babadobey January 06, 2010
Used when describing a person that is acting the fool. Also when highlighting someone that you hold responsible for making you look bad.
'You're shit at this game I'm not even trying to win'

'Don't look at me it's fuckin Johnny Larnock over here with his wank shooting'

'He scored your only goal you minge flap!'

'Shut it Johnny Larnock'
by babadobey January 04, 2010
A Christmas decoration that adorns christmas trees. Thety come in many different shapes and colours.
Fonejacker - 'bis sunt bisisee baubles a bipity bopity boo?'
by babadobey January 05, 2010
An affirmation of a female's attractiveness between mates
'What do you reckon to her youth, sevenhundred?'
'Damn right, I'd roger the shit out of her'

'What do you reckon to her youth, seven hundred?'
'No dice mate she's a fuckin spartan!'
by babadobey January 05, 2010
A random exclamation of appreciation or excitement as first displayed by King Louis in Walt Disneys The Jungle Book.
'Mate I gave her a right good seeing to last night!'

(Sung) 'Babadobey Bubadoo!'
by babadobey January 05, 2010

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