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A gnome who steals your underpants while you sleep.
Robert Farmery
by Ad May 17, 2004
Preparation of cocaine for snorting by chopping into a fine powder and arranging into lines on a smooth surface ussually using a razor or credit card.
I just racked up a fat one on the toilet seat yeah... damn i fancy some more allready
by ad September 06, 2003
to pull down someone's pants.
gary depantsed me in the hall - it was so embarassing!
by ad November 19, 2003
The Racing Capital of the World
Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400, United States Grand Prix
by ad November 12, 2003
definately nos psuedo-mondo
Kenny: These buffalo wings are contrapsuedo-mondo
AD: Co-sign.
by AD February 23, 2005
just another word for semen
I shot little guys all over the sheet last night.
by AD November 11, 2004
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