Magical metal bar that makes things happen, until it runs out of magic. Then it can be used to throw at annoying people, to prop up particularly wobbly chairs or be sold to the gullible.
Priscilla: My battery powered washing machine isnt working
Borris: The batteries must be running out. Lets throw them at Frank!
by Frank March 08, 2004
A device to store elecrical energy. consisting of plates and an outer body, with electrolyte inside. There are two main types. starting batteries, and lesure batteries.

The first type offers a large starting current, to turn large starting motors on engines, requiring hundreds of amps. Found usualy in everyday motor vehicles.

The latter is used on remote installations and for leasure activites, where current is used over a long period of time, but at a lower level than starting. the current levels expected can be from 10ma upto 20A depending on situation.

batteries can be seriesed or connected in parralell to gain the correct voltage or current required.
I couldn't start the car, as it had a flat battery.

The battery was very heavy.
by spunky fresh December 08, 2005
Someone who won't shut up and keeps going on like a duracell battery. They tend not to think before they speak..
girl: does this dress make me look fat?
battery: no of course not...its not the dress thats making you look fat right i mean if you're big you're gonna look big in whatever you wear coz clothes dont have the ability to make you look fat unless it was a really thick material or something but that dress material is really thin so it must just be you
girl: =o ...bitch
by Pseudonymmm123 April 25, 2009
Collective noun for more than one Prius. (example of collective noun: a murder of crows, a pod of whales).
1. After we got our second Prius, we had a battery of Prius' in the garage.
2. In Santa Cruz, you often see a battery of Prius' downtown.
by DanGarPrius May 22, 2009
euphemism for tampon
example: "Wait a minute, I need to change my battery."
by savagereader February 05, 2009
The male genitalia of a robot.

George Bush:Come on Laura, lick my battery!
by Mr.RoboFucker November 20, 2007
I heard it in rap songs, lol, also referred to as "duracelled" (unsure of spelling) the brand name. I assumed it meant to get fucked in the arse ie. anal sex.
That girl just got battery by three guys.
by Carmina August 18, 2006
Slang: ass, arse, bum, behind, fanny
He licked her battery frivolously
by Anonymous April 09, 2003

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