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The type of person who dyes their hair a funny colour to gain attention or friends. These people normaly are either gay, or gay.
Hey chris, fuck man u dyed ur hair asian orange, ur such are a fucking Borris.
by Ihatesfuckingmaths March 04, 2006
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a clumsy, fat person that eats a lot, is rude, sweats profusely, complains a lot, is homely looking, and eats like a pig. (there isn't actually a person named borris that i am describing, so if your name really is borris, don't be offended.)
Andrea: look at that huge girl! she is getting barbeque sauce all over her face!!

Megan: ewww. she is such a borris!


Sharon: who wants to eat first?

Brit (sweating profusely): i will, i will!!!

Rachel: geez, don't be a borris.


Place- a high school volleyball game and a big girl jumps up and tries to block but doesnt quite make it and her too tight shirt flies up and she falls on her butt.

you could say: gosh, what a clumsey borris.
by Andy91 August 19, 2006
The outcome of what is discharged from the bowels after food has been digested.

The action of taking a shit.

Male name.
Hey Steve can you tell Jimbo to turn on the Xbox?

Nah sorry mate, his on the Boz machine taking a Borris.

Hey man did you see that video of my Borris that i sent you last night?
It was unbelievable
by masterw November 01, 2013
fat shit of a northerner (male or female)
look at that borri over there
by Decco September 04, 2007
1. A pet name for a friend or family member (usually a sibling)

2. Name used when talking about someone you don't know the name of or you have forgotten. (like whatsizface).

3. An insult that is not meant to be very insulting.
1. me: "Borris!, hows it going?"
brother: "yeah, its all good."

2. "are you and borris coming down the pub tonight?"

3. "what the hell are you doing you big borris?"
by sazra May 11, 2005
came from william brookes school to dicrib kids that aint enterted puberty and have no pubic hair
ur a borris and little borris
by +add+ December 06, 2004

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