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another word for a fagget
"just wipe that look off your bati face"---Sublime
by ryan October 22, 2003
189 76
jamaican word for "fag"
I'za hittin dis blunt when dis young bati mon walk by with his legs crossed and a pain in his bottom
by wayne February 16, 2005
112 63
(n) Caribbean/West Indian term meaning ass or bum.
Me gah beat ye bati in basketball.
- I'm going to beat your ass in basketball.
by keyshaw September 15, 2004
88 62
a name used by ragae singers to degrade fags
"you are the bati man"---Sublime
by Mikey October 16, 2003
58 61
someone who is faggetish
you bati boy
by tony k May 19, 2004
44 59
A nymph. Usually of the woodsy, or water type. One who prefers a lack of clothing in favor of running through fields and woods freely.

Also another name for a town worth pillaging. As in to strip for useful goods and booty.
What. A. Bati!
by Goggles87 February 03, 2010
21 37
wussy, ass kisser, effiminate weirdo

reggae slang
"woman no want, no want no bati man"
by SomeRandomGuy April 23, 2005
27 80