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A musical based on a crazy tabloid story about a half bat, half boy.
If you ever get the chance, go see Bat Boy: The Musical. You won;t regret it!
by Wonderful Aishas May 20, 2005
a boy who is 50% bat, and 50% boy as described by Weekly World News.
Bot boy, 50% bat, 100% amazing
by Jebus January 04, 2005
A soldier who is assigned to one of the 3 Ranger Battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the U.S. Army. Used among Ranger school students to denote students who are from the Ranger Battalions as oposed to being from other units. Also used among exmembers of the military to denote the same. A mark of distinction, as life in the Ranger Battalions is marked by austere conditions.
None of the Rangers who died of hypothermia in class 6-95 were batboys.

Did you meet the new rookie? Yeah, he was a batboy, that makes him one tough motherfucker.
by exbatboy September 29, 2009
someone who is so pathetic he cant even get to first base}
that guy has no luck with women, hes still a bat boy
by Brian J October 10, 2004
One of the most famous stories in the Weekly World News about a boy who was supposedly part bat. Now used as a description for someone who's doing something bizarre enough to get them their own story in the WWN.
"Dude, that friend of yours came over, walked straight out into my neighbor's yard, dropped trou, and dumped a load."

"Yea, he's a total batboy"
by DareD May 11, 2006
straight male who likes to hang out with gay men
Phil is such a bat boy, he never gets to hit.
by JAC789 January 11, 2008
Something Tom and Eddy are most defently not.
Tom and Eddy are NOT batboys.
by eddy1 May 02, 2005
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