origin: Virgin Islands

meaning: whore; huuuge sket; nasty bitch
(VirginIslands Accent): DEh maaannn.!! Dah gyal is a bat like heck brodaa!!
by V.ILadyGeneral June 18, 2011
Women who frequent internet forums in packs. Usually bored housewives, or fat socially retarded. They are online BFF's always rushing to start an argument so that they can all chime in. They consider themselves to be highly adept in the art of outing Snouse's. They often call their leader Deep Ho, HO for short.
The bats are rabid in their desire to start an argument.

The bats have left their tell tell scat all over the place.

The bats are at it again. Tagging yet another one as a Snouse.

The bats have invaded and are their leader HO is calling fo r backup.
by Harley Cooter February 12, 2008
A derogatory term for African Americans. Originated in a joke and commonly used among teens in South-west United States.
"Nigga you a bat!", "God, niggas is bats." "Niggas is being bats!", "You're acting battish."
by Apollo Johnson May 13, 2007
busted ass toes. usually refers to people who have extremely ugly toes
my friend is attracted to feet but he left his ex-girlfriend after he found out she had b.a.t's
by aj February 15, 2005
In my vision. Get away. Bad Bats. Everywhere
You've seen to many bats man
by Foz-Monkey February 20, 2003
A old man getting fucked
Look at that bat getting fucked.
by daniel rocky January 27, 2010
Big Ass Titties- BATS
Guy : That chick has some BATS


Guy: She has a batting average of 92 (basically saying she has some big ass titties)
by RashadB07 February 11, 2008

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