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A "1337" term meaning "Peenor" which is a penis.
Suck my p33n0r biAtch because i r 1337
by I r sexy December 16, 2004

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The male reproductive organ.
See penis
That guy has a giant p33n0r.
by ihavenolegs June 23, 2003
Aternative to the word "penis". Mainly as a "joke" word.
Jojo- Wow, my p33n0r is huge!
by loz February 13, 2005
p33n0r - Where you can do crazy shiz in school!

The leading corporation for proxies and anti-censorship.

Currently the only way to access there tools is through adding them on myspace @ myspace.com/unblockmeh
Dick: Dude I wish the school wasn't such a ass about blocking websites! I want to get on myspace or play some fun games!

Richard: Well apparently you haven't heard the news Dick! p33n0r has games, a way around the blocker, AND MORE!

Dick: OMFG I LOVE U MAN!! p33n0r saved my life!
by p33n0r Owner September 21, 2007