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n. a nice looking suit.


Marty: bastedo bukkake is fun!
Fred: What's that?
Marty: when you put on your tux with other buddies in tuxes, and get your cock waxed by my sister.
Fred: Isn't that incest?
Marty: But if you're wearing a bastedo it's all good.
by Bastedo Bukkake February 10, 2005
A stylish suit or tuxedo.
Rob: Did you get your bastedo for the party?
Marty: No, I'm getting a bit overweight
Rob: Don't worry about it, I've got akimow and add!
Marty: Well, that's still better than akimow bukkake
Rob: Stay away from my sister.
by Marty January 30, 2005
Saying that only black people use ebonics
Bastedo: You speak very white
Person Who Doesn't Use Ebonics: But I'm black.
by Stolen February 22, 2005