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A very overated skater who has gained the love of naive girls everywhere. Jsut because you think the is hot, doesnt mean he can take koston in a game of skate
Guy: Bam is the worse skater ever
Girl: No, he's hot!!!
Guy: Wha---??????
by Stolen February 21, 2005
noun; a theoretical space between two people holding a conversation
Sally Sue swore at Freddy sending negative energy into their mostile, towhich Freddy responded "Hey now, lets not get hostile in the mostile."
by stolen December 19, 2004
Saying that only black people use ebonics
Bastedo: You speak very white
Person Who Doesn't Use Ebonics: But I'm black.
by Stolen February 22, 2005
A FPS shooter that has a multitude of weapons in which you can use to kill noobs with, but the best of all must be the Parker Hale. When someone hears you pull the trigger, they know what gun the shot came from. Now complete with laser tripping explosives, and a FAMAS.
dajackal: Whats with all the n00b$?
ArmandoTheGreat: Don't worry, I'll boot 'em
(Types in over 12,000 codes which causes freshmen players to blow up instantly)
Maciej: Time to BEAST!!!
Stolen: Pwned.
(Snipes all three of them in the head)
by Stolen February 21, 2005

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