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The cutest, sexiest, freakiest, hottest gurl on planet earth. Ghassans Woman. Ghassans Egyptiarican.
Basma is soooo hawt
by Ghassan Idriss June 08, 2004
A princess, daughter of a queen, and royalty. A beautiful sophisticated woman. A very generous and caring woman with a mission to help children and adults with special needs. A woman who believes in equality for all men and women. She also believes that education can open doors and change lives of many.
Princess Basma of Jordan yesterday gave a speech. Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz tells the BBC there are many changes she would like to see in Saudi Arabia
by JusticeEquality July 27, 2012
A girl love in my school who I think and don't think she loves me. I've made mistakes for me to talk to her, and one big one which she would ignore me for a long time, However; when we have eye to eye contact I've always wanted to talk to her. Now, I don't have as much feeling of loving her then I used too, but; my only wish from god is to at least hold a conversation with her.
Person: Basma...
Person's Mind: Talk to Basma then.
Person: Too scared....
Person's Mind: C'mon Basma might forget what happen
Person: No! *Crawls up into a corner*
by Allah4u May 22, 2012
A medical condition in which the esophageal muscles restrict due to the absence of beer passing through the esophagus. Symptoms coughing, dry scratchy throat, and sobriety.
My Basma is acting up.
by Mak4cy April 20, 2009
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