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English slang for a whore or bitch. Similar to a tart.
"Look...you can't proclaim yourself king just because some moistend bint lobbed a scimitar at you." -Monty Python, Holy Grail
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
The Arab meaning of the word "woman" but often used as a sexist term towards women.
"Give me my food you bint"
by bob December 28, 2003
In Scots, used to be a term for an attractive female though now mostly used as an insult. A stupid, bitchy or undesirable girl.
"shutit ya wee bint"

"See that fucking bint of a bird you've got? She's doing ma nut right in. Get it sorted."
by Bertie Bumwhistle May 30, 2005
An english slang word for a woman.
"Get me a beer you bint"
by Johnny Rubber October 30, 2006
In certain areas of Western Sydney, 'bint' functions as a term of endearment (if a somewhat cheeky one) devoid of standard derogatory connotations. The definition is closer to mate or china (plate).
How are you doing ya bint?

Have you heard that band 11:59? They're a right bunch of cool frockney bints!
by mcledge April 27, 2011
A colloquial word for slag, tart, bimbo, a girl not well liked, etc
15 year old Rose was a bint! She went out with a 23 year old bloke!
by niem October 21, 2005
Girl who exhibits various kinds of binty behaviour e.g.:

-Constantly changing her mind about guys "I love him...I hate him...I love him"
-Irrational neediness "Why hasn't he caaaaallled!?"
-Over-analysing texts/messages/things guys say "Hmm...he only put 2 kisses this time...do you think he's losing interest?"

Etc etc...
"Stop acting all binty"
by TastyGood December 06, 2009