To masturbate.

The word comes from the phrase "Bash the Bishop" i.e. masturbate. (The Bishop in a game of chess resembles a bell-end.)
I had an epic bash over betty last night. She has some mighty fine ass.
by 1st Earl of Granville February 17, 2009
1. to eat a lot of food

2. to eat a small amount of food n a small amount of time.
1. "After the basketball game, I came home and bashed all da food n the refrigerator!"

2. "Dang, u just bought that burger a minute ago. U bashed that shit."
by Asiah January 25, 2005
Used in da ghetto (gutta)part ov london and sum parts ov England. Meaning boy or brea
1. girl let me tell you dat bash was as peng a hell

2. u wastebash

3. mummy is that a bash or gash tell me im scared

1.girl let me tell you dat boy was so good lookin damn

2.u wasteman= waste of space or bum

3.mummy is that a girl or boy im scared
by rianna-/*aka-/*no nicknme June 16, 2006
to slam dunk a basketball or any other object that can fit in your hands and into a basketball goal or any other nets
1. sambo was bashed on by Moose
2. H tried to bash the volleyball in LP's pool
by JayJ July 03, 2005
verb - to give someone a hiding
noun - a physical beating
he's going to get the bash when I see him

lets bash that mother fucker
by haz January 23, 2004
to creep up along side someone, preferably outside of a tent, as they are sleeping, to lift up the tent flap and immediately beat the flogging hell out of the subject, aiming directly for the ribs, and then to proceed to run away in laughter and jubilation.
A slight variation of this is when, as the tent flap is lifted quietly, the subject has a towel or shirt placed over the face in order to sustain the covertness of the puncher.
Ariel, Max and their minions go up alongside Zachary's tent, Ariel lifts up the tent flap, gets the good morning punch, and Max finishes the bashing with six solid punches to the ribs as Zach, quite unlike his friend Yoni, groans in pain.
by Jumpin Jax Well September 06, 2004
Whats going to happen to the little shit at the next lan of that keeps asking everyone else to play CS and get his fucking weapon models on the other side of the screen
"Y0 |)ud3Z, My m0d31z 15 |>hU(k3D y0!!!!"
"fuck im going to bash you next lan"
by bobbles October 23, 2003
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