1. The phonetic but incorrect spelling of bass, still occasionally seen in ads that bands put up in music stores.
2. A juvenile way of measuring how "far" a couple has gotten in terms of sexual activity, drawing an analogy to a game of baseball. Typically, "First Base", "Second Base" and so on refer respectively to tongue kissing, some type of heavy groping, oral sex, and full intercourse. Though the precise definitions have been known to vary.
1. "Our hevey metel band is seeking a drumer and base player."
2. "You went out with Cindy last night? So, dude, did you get to third base with her?"
by Bill M. September 10, 2004
hella stupid
you hella base blood
by whatitdo October 05, 2005
n. base

Refferring to the total essence of greatness possessed. Normally taken by an entity that is rightfully deemed superior.

v. based
The inferior party was owned.
All your base are belong to us.
You have been based by the basemasters.
All your base belong in my truck.
by basemaster08 October 18, 2004
When one person jones on another person really badly.
"Yeah, well your face loos lie a shriveled jacked off dick".
"He just base you"
"Now dat was a base"
"Straight base your azz"
by RAYRAYBLAN February 29, 2008
where a girl prefers to be cummed on.
-"dude my new girlfriend is so awesome"

-"where does she base?"

-"right on her face man"

-"haha i knew she was a face base!!"
by kulhjamma January 01, 2008
The leader of a community the base or the foundations, like the don of the mafia.
yo jimmy, the BASE wants to see ya'
by baseboard.net July 29, 2003
A slang term for acid.
I love tripping on base
by Skascoolerthanu August 15, 2007
Another word describing a moron with freakin' special needs.
e.g. Your all a bunch of freakin' bases.You spackas! You bunch of bloody morons!BASES!!!!
by Robert Harding April 14, 2005
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