these other defintions are incorrect. A base is your hood, it is where you are from.
"Yo dawg you think your tough come down to my base and see what happens to you"
by bhm March 15, 2005
1. when u play tag, the place you go to, so u dont get tagged
2. sex bases...
3. the things u tag when your playing like baseball or cricket so your not out
1. "your it"
"no, im was on base, DUH"
"yeah, after i tagged you"
2. after the first date, they were on second base
3. "he slid into third base in effort not to get out and to advance to home."
by The "Fake" Lauren August 10, 2004
1)The lowest of low, stupid, needs help.

2)A place where troubled people to go and get help.

3)To commit a stupid act that is a very basic mistake.
1) "Thats so easy its base."

2) "I go to base."

3) "BASE BOY!!!"
by Muzz February 25, 2005
black/african ancestry. or black looks.
i) idi amin's got a lot of base
ii) jlo's got a bit of base. u can see it in her ass.
iii) theres a lot of base in detroit
by b199er November 23, 2004
To speak to an individual in a threatening manner..

To step to someone with a loud voice indicating possible confrontation.
"hey nigga who you think you basing at like that? I will knock yo ass out.."

"I can tell by the base in yo voice"
by Finesse March 28, 2005

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