a less offensive way of saying BASTARD.
"You fucking bar stool"
by btuk December 27, 2007
Top Definition
Local, less offensive version of Bastard. English
"You thick barstool"
by Smithsta February 09, 2004
A particularly large, fiberous shit that you fear may approach the standard 24 to 30 inch height (and possibly require a c-section).
I could hear Chad screaming in agony as he constructed a massive barstool in the handicapped stall earlier. It sounded like he was in labor!
by Hattiesturd September 04, 2009
A particularly unpleasant person who your don't wont to swear at.
You complete and utter barstool.
by Jamie April 03, 2004
A woman who is sexually penetrated by 3 men at the same time, that is vaginally, anally, orally.
Kevin was very happy when he pulled a barstool at the snooker club, but less happy when he found she had given him a full house.
by Dunky Oggins November 30, 2003
slut; someone who sleeps with anyone when drunk
"Becky, don't be such a barstool"
"Did you hear that Vicky was riding Dave after she got drunk? What a barstool."
by cursor March 09, 2015
hangover diarrhea resulting from a hard night's drinking
the bottle of rum i drank last night gave me a raging case of barstool.
by lightonpixels September 13, 2007
the runs one gets after a heavy night on the juice.
Damn I feel terrible - the shits running out of me like soup. All that tequila last night gave me bar stool.
by Franco V October 07, 2006
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