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Barstooler : Noun (bar' stool- er)

1) A person who claims to be a passionate follower of a sports team, even though their active support is confined solely to the TV screen of a public house or bar.
2) A variation on the theme of 'armchair supporter'.
3) Commonly found throughout Ireland, usually associated with certain English and Scottish teams, and almost always in possession of a Sky viewing card.

Barstooling : Verb (bar' stool-een)

1) Partaking in the activity of following your favourite sports team solely from the confines of a pub.
Irish Fan #1: Lets go and watch Bohs vs. Rovers
Irish Fan #2: Naw, no way, I'd rather sit here with a cool beer and be a 'real' fan and watch Manchester United on the telly.
Irish Fan #1: You are such a barstooler
by Jim Bob Doolan August 12, 2010
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