Someone growing bald at young age, ultimately winding up without hair before he hits 30.
Joost is a real bär, even my grandpa has more hair.
by qosi231 June 11, 2012
to have sex, or to ask for sex
when you gonna let me get the bar mami?
by renise April 21, 2008
A mystical place where girls you don't know still don't talk to you.
Hey man, let's go get rejected at the bar.
by CWaddles March 10, 2014
"Before anyone ratchet"
Babe, I'd choose you bar.
by APAA October 05, 2013
B.A.R Stands for Browning Automatic Rifle used in world war 2. It is an American Made weapon and holds a clip of 20 rounds.
I used a B.A.R to destroy those nazis in cod3
by Barack Osama November 29, 2008
Unit of pressure. 1 Bar = approx 16psi.

What boost are you running on your Skyline dude?

1.5 Bar.
by Maroonmachine November 03, 2006
a place to find people to reproduce with and get drunk
I went to the bar, got wasted and hooked up with a midget named Candy whos voice sounds like a biker with throat cancer.
by Hobo Joe July 31, 2003

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