to leave some one or not do some thing

originally from the bars on a jail cell, barred from society.
1)why did you bar me the other night?
2)do you wanna go to the show?
bar that, the show will be shit.
by Petey May 18, 2003
Burn after rolling
I'm about to B.A.R this blunt
by Bobby Mar August 01, 2011
To have sex. You acquire "Bars" from every girl/guy you have sex with.
To Hot Girl: Hey Let me have your Bar

Jared: Yeah i Just got Jessica's Bar
Dave: Sick!
by bassmancrenshaw January 18, 2010
A blunt rolled so well it doesnt look like a blunt but instead just a cigar
i rolled a fucking bar so clean we could walk right past a cop without him noticing
by rofltricksaucenigfag February 24, 2009
another word for pounds (moneywise).
'oi fam how much you got?'
'5bar init'
by EDOT. August 11, 2008
another name for pound/quid
emma: how much is that top
sophie: its 20 bar mate
by Josh Smith Aka Wirez April 27, 2006
The worst place to find a girl. Alcoholic beverages loosens tounges, and softens inhibitions. Men who go to bars say stupid things to women when they are drinking.
The attack of the killer budweisers

1. The Drunken Frat Boy
2. The Too smooth for his own good Player
3. The Sloppy Corprate Executive
4. The 'hi you doing bag 'o' doughnuts Joey' guy.

David Wygant
by Le Mans July 24, 2005

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