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A description of someone who is not cool to be around;annoying
"Yall wanna go to this party?"
"Yall bein' boosie!"
by Dommini March 04, 2005
to be wrongfully convicted of a crime
by shy red April 29, 2012
refers to something wack; out of the ordinary; weak.
" man u hella boosie for that"
"man my girlfriend actin hella boosie right now"
"man the police is hella boosie"
by dumassdub May 21, 2010
the best rapper alive.!
its boosie badd asz imma red bone lover.!
by shakeke September 23, 2010
Boosie: to be wack or fake as a person
You a boosie ass nigga
by The great b March 18, 2014
An abbreviation of bourgeois, the adjective form of bourgeoisie, a French term for the upper-middle or merchant classification. Often used derisively to describe actions of those transcending their social class.
"Why we gotta eat at this fancy-ass joint, ya'll boosie?"

"Nigga you ain't gotta vacuum the floor mats, we ain't boosie"
by stanhandle July 28, 2008
A general term used to express approval, pleasure, or excitement.

It can be considered a modern day substitute for "the bomb", although boosie may be used in almost any context.

That's boosie!

Yuhhhh boosie!

Boosie is as boosie does.

Boosie what?

by Steezy Steve April 12, 2009
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