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1. to have skills at. originates from bars representing levels in video games. having more bars means having completed more levels.

2. to be good at something
Eugenio: I got bars at call of duty
Juan: you got no bars
by dbro99999 October 04, 2009
290 273
Short for Burn After Rolling, a mixtape by Wiz Khalifa.
It is also a song on the same mixtape
Zebulon - Ever hear that song B.A.R., it's good but idk what it means.
Pike - I love it and it stands for Burn After Rolling
by The Real Zebulon Pike September 25, 2010
23 10
Section of a pub/restaurant where drinks both alcoholic and soft can be purchased
I'm thirsty, i'm off to the bar
by Wise Man July 17, 2003
50 38
To buy something with the intention or returning it. Thus Buy And Return or B.A.R.
Woman 1: My boss is coming to dinner tomorrow but my dishes are so dingy.

Woman 2: Just go to the store and b.a.r. some, no one will know the better.
by Richard Perkins July 30, 2010
11 4
The small "bar" of skin at the base of the head of an uncircumcised penis which joins the circumference of the foreskin with the main shaft of the organ. Under extreme circumstances, this bar can become "torn".
"Oh my god, I've torn my bar (during intercourse or other activities)"
by bettyfordclinic July 21, 2009
41 37
1)a bar of soap
2)a line in a song
3)a place to drink and get fucked up
4)a metal object
Mo: A guy walks into a bar...what does he say?
Bo: What?
by 24546634 December 17, 2006
31 27
A common northern expression used to refer to money, usually one bar = one pound
scally-"how much is it to get in"
bouncer-"a fiver"
scally-"five bar fuck off mate you're jacking me"
by Tobs123 October 28, 2005
26 22