The other default variable used in programmer's slang
Then I did:
$foo = new MyClass();
$bar = $foo->connect();

but all I got was a PEAR::Error in $bar
by Anonymous October 15, 2002
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle was Made in 1918 Chambering a .30-06 Rifle Round.
It Held a 20 Round Clip. The BAR was Best Used in a Group of Men lieing Prone use "covering Fire" Tatics
Johny Droped his BAR Because the German Shot His Arm Off with the MG-42 On Top the Hill
by pipewoofer January 15, 2004
A section of music who's length is determined by the time signature.
Contrary to popular belief, rap isn't the only type of music out there. All types of music have bars.
by Skeez Adams December 08, 2005
To a married man:
An overcrowded, loud, stinky room filled with over-priced drinks and women advertising body parts that you have vowed to not touch.

To a single man:
The greatest place on earth.
Single man: Dude, let's hit up the bars!
Married man: No.
Single man: Bars have drinks and drunk women!
Married man: I have a wife.
Single man: Wooooo, bars!
by Chizey June 26, 2011
1. to have skills at. originates from bars representing levels in video games. having more bars means having completed more levels.

2. to be good at something
Eugenio: I got bars at call of duty
Juan: you got no bars
by dbro99999 October 04, 2009
Commonly reffered to as Xanax or Sticks . with about 4mg of xanax in your system you will be pretty much down to do anything from sex with an ugly chick to robbing a gas station. The effects of xanax usually result in simply not caring about anything . You will also have rather extreme memory loss.

Bars are fun but make sure to take them in the right situations and not over due it...(first timers)

They can also put you to sleep for up to 24 hours
Idiot: *wakes up at his friends house*
yo whhatt happened last niightt???
Friend: You go barred the fuck out and tried to rob the should probably lay low.
Idiot: Damn bars really are crazy

by Lesson Learner October 23, 2008
1. Broke at Rib
2. When life is difficult
3. When you can't pay for something
4. A boy named Pat on all days and Nights of the year
5. Not Joe
1. I can't go out to dinner because I'm B.A.R.
2. I failed that science test...B.A.R.
3. "Buy candy for cross country?" "Can't, B.A.R. life"
4. Look at B.A.R ass over there thinking he's cool, shouln't he be doing something?
5. Why does he think he's B.A.R.?
by NBS2010PA October 18, 2010

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