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A gracious human bieng with big heart and thick skin. A brave warrior on or off a battle ground. A man complete for existence or a man too never forget.
The barnes raidered the field as we stood back to back and fought our way to freedom
by vikbjorn May 24, 2008
Derives from the scandanavian and the viking origin surname of beorn and bjorn or bjarni Meaning bear and related to the norse legend "The Saga of Hrolf Kraki". They have warrior listic attitudes or other wise known to run a muck or go beserk if pressured. Barnes also has another meaning of bairn which means they have child like behaviour or was used to describe a young man who was in line for knighthood and who was expected to prove his suitability for that distinction.
Barnes and the Armstrong surname may share the same lineage.
Barnes is berrin up stand back.
He towered over me when I thought he was volatile like a barnes.
Dont fuck with tha barnes he'll get even.
slaying a dragon is a job for barnes
prevail will happen if a barnes is knighted
by vikbjorn May 24, 2008
(verb) 2009 To survive multiple aviation mishaps, and against all odds, still retain your job.
"Man, he really barnsed that one in."
"Wow, way to barnes it, asshole."
by Launchpad McBarnes October 28, 2009
To do something so worthless and so horribly wrong that you should proboly kill yourself.
I can't believe he just did that, he is so barnes.
by Joe Ard. April 19, 2006
An at home attempt to bleach ones own asshole with a bleach pen intended for laundry use only. Resulting in a painful anus for days that is now painted red, like a barn.
Hayley has a big date tonight so she wanted to Barnes herself for Duane.
by Armored Panda January 07, 2012
A man who whinges about not being able to do the math work in a classroom.
Conor- I cant do it sir. Its too hard.

J- Stop whinging about the work, your such a barnes.

Sir- Yes you are a barnes Conor.
by T Pepper May 16, 2010
"it's like a replacement for fuck. it's showing a sense of suprise...."R.J.R

shows people the shock that the user of the word feels...
..OMFG,what the barnes!
by LLama12425 October 14, 2007
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