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common scottish slang for a child or baby
"Aye when you were just a wee bairn I used to mind you when your mam went tae the bingo."

"I cannae believe shes pregnant - at 15 she's just a bairn herself"
by anna apple October 12, 2003
A word used in Scotland/ North East England meaning child or baby.
'She's got three bairns now.'
'I'm taking the bairn to school!'
#child #baby #bern #barn #kid
by Yarr Harr May 24, 2007
children in scottish
'Av to collect ma bairns from da school'
by beachy April 27, 2003
Word used for fans of or players for Falkirk FC (central scotland); otherwise known as the "Falkirk Bairns"
"The wee falkirk bairns never miss a match"
#football #falkirk #slang #fans #player
by Hillimary January 26, 2008
small child; solid excretum.

cf dropping the kids at the pool.
Don't go in the loo just yet, I've just dropped a bit of a nasty bairn.
by pik@ November 09, 2003
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