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1. noun A 4-person, trump-based card game primarily played on Midwestern college campuses involving a 24-card deck and many beers. Taking three or four tricks (out of five) scores one point; taking five tricks scores two points; scoring ten points wins the game.

2. verb To deny the calling team at least three tricks, therefore causing shame and humiliation.
1. I skipped my 8 o'clock because the Euchre tournament lasted all night.

2. To partner: Why the fuck did you call clubs trump when you had none in your hand?
by Krazee Eyez Killa June 04, 2004
Quite possibly the greatest card game ever.
Hey, we need a fourth for euchre!
by cardenio February 04, 2005
a noun or verb to describe any ambiguously sexual organ or act.
noun: dude i need to clean the stench off my euchre after fucking that nasty ho.

verb: i euchred that slut something fierce last night and had that bitch screaming my name.
by babyvetty April 04, 2010
A card game that can only fully be understood when you're drunk.
...Oh, I understand euchre now, but I still don't want to play.
by JenThe80'sFan June 01, 2004
The sound Mega Man (or MegaMan if you prefer) makes when he is hit by an enemy or hazardous object.
Ahh! There is one of those little things that move fast when you stand near it! It's gonna hit me! Noo! *EUCHRE!!!*
by Phoojoeniam November 19, 2003
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