Purging things eaten that your guts are not up to dealing with at the moment.
Yuck I barfed ...eww...I don't even remember eating that right there! " "Let's go before someone sees the barf" , we're late for diner anyway.
by Dougie Quick February 20, 2015
A critical, idiotic, or exceptionally embarrassing failure. Has origins in California.
"Dude, did you see Eric flip off his teacher?"
"Who did?"
"Eric, man! He thought ROB tripped him!"
by Feezy, my Neezy August 18, 2007
Beer and Alcohol Related Flu
Brittney - "Ugh, I drank so much that I BARF'ed all night long"

Chad - "Sounds like a case of the Beer and Alcohol related flu."
by bguiou November 09, 2010
best and raddest friends (forever)
the two coolest girls you will ever meet,
and they will always be wicked fun and will never fight.
they are extremely weird but everyone loves them and wants them.
Melissa: Caitlyn you are my barf! let's go flobble!
by metalissa! April 16, 2010
sike, as in whatever was said is false.
margy: yo dana youre pretty.. barf !
by brehehe April 06, 2011
A reaction to something that's revolting. Causing you to upchuck. Something disgusting in nature or unnatural.
Vitale's small cock, obesity and herpes simplex made me want to barf.

I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom many times.
by swanns January 27, 2009
Adjective meaning lame, weak, uncool, stupid, the worst.
She's got a great body but her face is total barf.
by draw tippy February 15, 2005

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