noun. accronim for bomb ass regs f(r)iends. (friend or fiend)
Man, Alice and Lindsey are two of the best B.A.R.F.s I've seen in a while.

Brian, don't be such a BARF, get some crip.
by nightrider420 October 15, 2006
Unlike the literal meaning of throwing up, BARF can mean anything from disgust to shock. Created at loretto abbey CSS
disgust- "OMG BARF! Look at that cameltoe!"
shock- " She hooked up with him? BARF!"

by barftastic February 20, 2008
Bile (or Beer) Addled Regurgitated Food
After that shot I had to barf.
by P-Dub October 31, 2003
a person that expels undigested food, beer, and consumable items after drinking in excess.
"Hey Barf you ok? You have been near the toilet for a while."
by Thannnnks February 20, 2009
Hacker term signifying a program or system has failed or ceased responding
A data table that's over a gig makes the system barf
by KillAllHumans July 15, 2004
The "outcome" of the ingestion of a gallon of liquor.
Damn tequila, always makes me barf on my bed in my sleep.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
Bitch At Rest Face : when a women's face in it's natural rest position gives you that "she's a bitch" vibe.
Yo, Mary was straight wearing a BARF during the meeting today, but I would still tap dat.
by AllyJay December 23, 2014
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