a plastic plaything that everybody hates for no particular reason.
little sister: hey, do you want to play barbie?
big sister and pretty much everybody else: no barbies suck!!!
Bar·bie - bahr-bee - noun - Refers to cocaine due to the other synonym, "white girl" - a bitter, crystalline alkaloid, C17H21NO4, obtained from coca leaves, used as a local anesthetic and also widely used as an illicit drug for its stimulant and euphorigenic properties.

Is Barbie with you?

I want you to come with 5 Barbies.
by SikVik December 03, 2007
some shit you apparently put shrimp on.
put another shrimp on the barbie
by PseudoShit January 20, 2009
A nickname for extremely attractive and hot person
hei Barbie,how's going?
by Viktorius August 23, 2008
A hot, motionless chick. A barbie.
A gay chick. A barbie.
by French Fries in the oven October 26, 2011
A plastic miniature Paris Hilton.
Person1: OMFG LOOK IT'S PARS HILTONNNN! She's gotten small. o__o
Person2: Oh, no, that's just Barbie.
by golly, it's August 10, 2008
stuck up blonde bitch
barbie blonde
by eliza green November 11, 2003

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