A criminal act whereby the victim is forcibly deprived of items deemed valuable by the perpetrator.
Some football player from the Oakland Raiders got banked last weekend in Las Vegas.
by DirtyDawwg July 10, 2008
Getting screwed out of a large sum of money due to you from an earlier agreement. Officially known as non-payment of a bill.
I was working on a project for this guy and when I sent him the bill to pay it, the jerk Banked me. Now it's been 6 months and I still haven't seen the cash. I doubt I ever will.
by dumplings October 26, 2007
to take something from the environment and to make it yours, symbolically speaking.
a guy bones a hot chick after a party.

"I banked that bitch"
by AdamBee March 07, 2008
To deposit semen in a woman and not let her "drain" it out. Also known as a "Frosty Freeze" when done in the winter.
I totally banked that chick.... probably not a smart thing since now she said shes pregnant.
by CZspy January 14, 2010
When you get someone baked and bang them.
After we smoked a couple bowls, I totally banked that girl last night.
by Bong MAN! January 09, 2009
Can also be refered to eating something completely and/or fast.
Those were some good fries, I banked that shit.
by Voruhs luhzeh January 14, 2005
I banked that shit last night.
by Samantha April 03, 2003

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