bank - v - to battered with a stack brick of cash amounting 5k and up.
in a sentence: I just BANKED on this mother lover the other day for fun.

I am going to BANK this mother lover the next time i see him
by Chigga Law September 28, 2009
In pool or billiards, to bounce a ball off of the wall of the pool table. See also bankshot.
Let me get this straight... you intend to bank the cue ball twice, hit the eight, and then have IT bank into the side pocket? Fifty bucks says you miss. Fifteen to one odds sound reasonable?
by Mike January 06, 2005
"Man, I need some herb!, let's bank this fool"

"Ah shit, this mo' fucka did not just say that, does leftover have to bank a punk?"
by Leftover May 23, 2004
An alternative to the word cash; means cool, awesome, praise-worthy
Disneyworld patron 1: hey let's go on the tower of terror!
Disneyworld patron 2: yeah! TOT is so bank!

I finally beat my boyfriend in NBA was pretty bank
by bozheng July 27, 2011
Noun: A force of dominance

Verb: To banks is to force dominance through sheer size and intimidation. And/or to threaten through use of insults predominately of ones mother.
He banksed his way to the front of the line while also threatening to banks everyones mothers if they dont get the hell out of the way
by Graphics4612 January 21, 2011
Someone you use for hook ups and sex. They might be looking for a relationship but you're just using them whether they know it or not.

Synonymous with: ATM
mike: hey man you going to see olivia tonight?
tim: you know im hitting that bank
by timOHHthy September 29, 2009
Taking the long, and easy way out of things, not be assertive
wow, hes been banking so long, when is he going to make a move?
by Vmachine69 March 17, 2009

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