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the minge is the fur around the vagina, often it is thick and tufty though some people shave and trim it
i like furry minges, the furrier the better
by CameronG July 19, 2005
beaverjuice is a nickname for either the period discharge or cum of a female
beaver is slang for vagina so you can see where the term comes from
The girl i banged last night had smelly beaverjuice!
by CameronG July 19, 2005
banging is the term often used by English people for sex, it is often pronounced bangin'
note: men can't bang other men and women can't bang other women
last night i went out for some bangin' and i banged 3 girls
by CameronG July 19, 2005
abbreviation of 'scrotum' part of the male genitalia
scrot diseases include:
- itchy scrot
- saggy scrot
- sore scrot
- smelly scrot
All that chaffing from wearing these leather pants has given me sore scrot
by CameronG July 19, 2005

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