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1. more obsolete, destructive, woeful
2. more of a source of harm and ruin
It is NO COINCIDENCE that John Boehner's name is pronounced "baner" (btw, the alternative pronunciation is "boner" :-)
by tifosa September 26, 2010
short for boner aka stiffy, pants tepee, etc
Seein Madonna kiss Britney spears made me pop a baner.
by CrastardlyCrast October 09, 2003
an arabian, terrorist, towelhead.
watch out, that baner might have a bomb in his backpack!
by tim December 12, 2003
An arabian, a terrorist, a towelhead. One who speaks the language of allah
you better check to see if that baner's backpack has a bomb in it!
by tim December 12, 2003