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9 definitions by tifosa

The sudden onset of sleep that occurs when a pundit on Fox channel opens their mouth.
Sean Hannity started speaking his drivel and I fell into a focksnooze.
by tifosa January 13, 2010
The "rope" created by an errantly flapping tongue, by which one hangs oneself politically when given enough time to speak on Fox channel programs.
Sarah Palin's political ambitions expired as they dangled at the end of the "foxnoose."
by tifosa January 17, 2010
Marked by bouts of anger, disgust, and sadness at what greed and unbridled capitalism have caused in the Gulf of Mexico.
The best remedy for BPOILer Disorder is chatting it out!
by tifosa June 16, 2010
destroying your image/political career/future aspirations by speaking your (racist) mind in the media.
Rand Paul's political career was "hung by the tongue" after his appearance on several political TV shows.
by tifosa May 21, 2010
Say to people who 1. ARE GRANDPARENTS and 2. need to BE STRONG, QUIT WHINING, live up to their responsibility. ESPECIALLY when they LECTURE others to "man-up"
Sarah, if you choose political life, stop with that screechy whining and complaining about being targeted, and GRAN-UP!
by tifosa November 02, 2010
1. more obsolete, destructive, woeful
2. more of a source of harm and ruin
It is NO COINCIDENCE that John Boehner's name is pronounced "baner" (btw, the alternative pronunciation is "boner" :-)
by tifosa September 26, 2010
Person who speaks an incoherent series of words, sometimes just related enough to the topic at hand to keep his/her obsequious minions awed by his/her "brilliance."
Sarah Palin is the WORDSALAD SHOOTER of today.
by tifosa November 27, 2010