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French slang verb for having an erection. This word comes from the verb for drawing a bow. This comes from both being hard, and all loaded up. This is often used in expressions.
Il vas bander pour elle.

He will have a boner for her.
by Ninja337 August 23, 2006
Someone who is a big supporter of the Communist party.
John- "Wow Frank is such a Bander, he attends almost all the Communist meetings"
Mike- "That is completly un-american..."
by FrankensteinTheTankenstein November 23, 2009
an interaction typically between Paul (although it could be another student) and a professor, usually involving some sexual innuendos, and done for the sole purpose of humiliation of the recipient
"Yesterday Paul got totally bandered in class." or "Did you see that vicious bandering Monday in class?"
by The Bandered April 19, 2005
someone whos cool and in the band. often may play the flute, clarinet, or drums. the only 3 instuments needed because FLUTES HAVE THE SAME PART AS TRUMPETS! except for our solos. nobody cares about any of the brass instuments cause they all stink of smelly gym socks.
Woah!! Did you just see those banders walk past?
by Pinky98788 March 25, 2008
1- An Arabic Name Meaning Either "Monkey" Or "King Of The Traders"

2- A Really Cool Dude With An Awesome Busy Scheduel, He's Neat In Other Words.
1- "You're Being A Total Bander, Dude."

2- "You're As Busy As A Bander."
by Hijibby February 25, 2015
A term used to describe the small flecks of testicle debris typically found in the small section of a toilet rim where the seat separates near the front. Derived from the root word "Balls" and the word "Dander".
"Oh man, I wish he'd wipe that bander off before he leaves."
"There was a pile of bander on the toilet today, don't men wash their balls?"
"Oh baby, shake some bander on my face!"
by Dribbles June 12, 2007
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