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Boobs that sag at the top making a woman look like she has a pair of bananas sticking out of her bra.
That woman had the pointiest banana boobs ever!
by Deering September 11, 2006
When a girl has boobs that hang down then slope outwards at the end, like bananas.
"Whoa Shiela totally had banana boobs!"
by JohnnyEf April 05, 2005
(n.) a woman's breast that slopes smoothly into its terminus with a pointy nipple. Breasts afflicted with banana boob usually have puffy or atomic nipples. Fondness for tits of this nature is considered to be a fetish. One thing's for sure, they are most definitely highly suckable.
Diane's banana boobs could potentially detach your retina. Be careful!
by blenderhead91 August 31, 2010
Aboriginal or bra-less hippie boobs that resemble bananas.
Holy crap. did you see those banana boobs!! Those looked like something you'd see in the National Geographic.
by Weslitzu March 11, 2010