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Aboriginal or bra-less hippie boobs that resemble bananas.
Holy crap. did you see those banana boobs!! Those looked like something you'd see in the National Geographic.
by Weslitzu March 11, 2010
1. The gnats that fly around a dog's pecker drawn to the gnat butter.
2. Can also be used as an expression of disgust or frustration.
1. Hey check out duke and his flock of dog pecker gnats.
2. Dog pecker gnats!!! That beeyatch just cut me off.
by Weslitzu November 05, 2006
A disease often contracted at birth by intelectually inferior women and gay men resulting in their stupid bitching, rediculous demmands, and rude behavior.
Is it me, or does Tammy have a bad case of dumb bitchkinsons? Or is she just on the rag?
by Weslitzu November 05, 2006
A condition when the testies overheat and sag down thus becoming floppy.
Man, hanging out in the hot tub gives me a bad case of floppy nuts.
by Weslitzu October 22, 2006
Unruly or uncut bush most often dark but always protruding from the bikini or panty line.
Holly crap!!! Man did you see that forest hanging out of her bikini. That's quite the gorilla bush.
by Weslitzu October 22, 2006
Mexican butt-worms are what you pick up in mexico after eating from a taco cart or tamale stand that is less than sanitary. They are also different from other butt-worms because they wear sombreros.
Did you hear about Steve's trip to Tijuana? He got a bad case of the mexican butt-worms after eating at a filthy taco stand.
by Weslitzu December 30, 2013
1. A disease that is contracted either at birth or after massive amounts of alcohol and or drugs are consumed that is not completely retarded but very, very close often resulting in functional illiteracy, poor mathematic skills, and the inability to carry on a coherent conversation with out saying at least one thing dumb.

2. A person who is smart but does dumb things when they are intoxicated, or just being stupid
1. Is it me, or does Britney Spears have a bad case of dumbasskinsons.

2. What is jack doing climbing on the bar? His dumbasskinsons must be acting up again.
by Weslitzu February 02, 2010

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