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What annoying, whiney, and probably unemployed vegetarians call eating meat or wearing fur.
"Fur is murder! Love your animal friends! Lobster Liberation!!"
by Deering May 06, 2007
Boobs that sag at the top making a woman look like she has a pair of bananas sticking out of her bra.
That woman had the pointiest banana boobs ever!
by Deering September 11, 2006
A hideously ugly baby, with usually good looking parents, who when you first lay eyes on it, causes your brain to make the high pitched squealing noise oft associated with bat sonar. Sometimes bat baby's may have wings or pointy fang like teeth.
The super model couple down the street just got back from the hospital......you should see the bat baby they brought back; it'll make your brain explode.
by Deering September 13, 2006
A moo moo like garment used by overweight women to hide their massive stomachs and buldging knee caps.
That bitch wasn't thin, she just wears a jimba jamb like a pro.
by Deering September 12, 2006
Manly bags carried by extremely butch lesbians. Usually used to house hatchets and axes for when they go on lumberjacking trips.
Here comes Pam with her lesbian toolbox again. I'll bet she keeps hedge clippers and a sludge hammer in that thing.
by Deering September 12, 2006
When drunk girls begin speaking so high and so fast they start to sound remarkably like a tea kettle. They usually start off normal and after three or four beers descend into high pitched nonsence.
That girl was tea kettling so bad, I was sure my ear drums were about to pop.
by Deering October 17, 2006

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