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dude guys this is weird.... bamf does mean bad ass mother fucker but u guys did thumbs down on the previous entry... Dont do that !!! bamf = bad ass mother fucker .. gosh if u noe wut that is, dont give it a thumbs down
I bet a lot of ppl will give me a thumbs down on this....bamf
by 21414142133 December 09, 2006
52 55
2. Anyone with a gun.
3. Anyone that plays 360 and not garbage PS3 or Wii.
4. Who drinks Dr. Pepper
5. People who dont care what others think.
Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Evan Church, Hunter Murphy, Alaina Johnson, Captain America, Cookie Monster, Criss Angel and Master Chief. :DDD Deal with it. BAMF
by ExperimentX13 June 21, 2011
0 4
A violent escape of air from the oral orifice. Usually unprompted and highly unexpected. May result in mild to large cubicle tremor. Use this action loosen stool/sphincter. Often accompanied by a mushroom cloud of pork rind dust.
EVERYONE: WTF was that??
by lardFace99 April 21, 2010
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that bamf called you a bad word? wtf!?
by bamf12345674321 April 07, 2010
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bitches and marijuana forever
im a part of BAMF.
by BAMF awesome January 11, 2010
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Carley Basteri: basically the coolest girl ever who runs show everywhere.
that girl is almost as much of a bamf as carley
by the mop May 13, 2009
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BAMF= Bad ass motherfucker, Consists of making some kind of mustache and posting it on myspace. Can also be a action Bamfing this Bamfing that.
OHMYGOD You're such a BAMF.
Let's Bamf!
by LizzySON April 30, 2009
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