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Underage drinker and smoker that often cannot remember the night before
Random guy: Oi You're fucking wrecked Barlow
Barlow: Yeah I am, but at least im not mankey like you!
Random G: ahaha Bullets
by Cabbarmassie April 29, 2008
A word used to describe anything negative.
Ugly, stupid, annoying, creepy.
Urgh, I can't believe he said that, that's totally Barlow of him.

His face was so Barlow.

I met this Barlow guy last night, he tried to touch me. Stupid Barlow.
by Rawrr101 May 19, 2008
1; A loud, almost incessantly rude individual who brings comic relief to a situation, but can also create tension.

2; a person who commits a random or insane act of stupidity which leaves some in disbelief.

3; a Bitch.
1; "Dude, that guy who just screamed 'asshole' is a total Barlow"

2; "Did you see that? he just ran across the highway. What a Barlow."

3; "Andrew is cool sometimes, but mostly he's just a Barlow."
by Dibbs34 September 03, 2005
A man 9 months pregnant with his first child.
"Look at how Barlow he is."
"My god he's gotten fat!" "He's not fat, he's just Barlow."
by ChocolateTrainMonster July 10, 2008
A commonly used word for Homosexual
"John enjoys the company of other men because he's a barlow"
by fdafdafda May 06, 2007
Unlike the other definitions on here, Barlow actually happens to be the best last name ever.

If Barlow is your last name, it tends to be a good substitute for a first name if yours is as bland as mine (or you just happen to go by your last name).
1. My last name is Barlow, it's awesome.

2. Hey Barlow, what's up?
by Mike Barlow March 15, 2008
a name given to that extremely big-headed boy that has to beat everyone at everything. he is hated by most of the worlds population apart from one big teethed geek. The name can also be used as an offence to this person, and will send him into a collosal mood. This persons head swells every time he beats someone, and his ego swells every time he is beaten. he is daily beaten up by builders, commanded by 'the pete'.
person 1- "whey siddown barlow!"
barlow- "*head swells* ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrrrrrfffff
by the egotistical maniac May 24, 2009
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