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1. Leader of a sled dog team a long time ago who led the team to get an antitoxin back to nome to cure a diptheria epidemic.

2. Movie made in the ninties based on a true story. Stars a
Wolfdog named Balto who doesn't know what he is.

A russian goose who is Balto's mentor.

A hot dog named Jenna who is Balto's girl friend.

Two polar bears - muk and luk

Steele - A sled dog leader who wants nothing but glory and hates balto.

and many others
I remember when Balto led came to Clevland, little timmy!

When can we buy Balto, the best movie ever made, on dvd? This tape sucks.
by master stghm April 04, 2004
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Balto is a condition in which a man and only a man is either a.)wearing tight apparel in which his genitals are split by a bisecting hem or b.) wearing apparel that is forced upwards and therefore forming a shape similiar to what is know as camel toe, however, with testicles.

Also known as moose knuckle.
"Dude, don't look at Jeff, his pant's are so tight he's got a mad balto."

"Oh Shit!! Jeff slid forward on that couch and his Balto is fucking rediculous!"
by Waldo and Speed dtd December 03, 2006
A name given to someone who is a pathetic person. They are a poor excuse for a human being. They seek sexual relief by masturbating over text from the internet
It wasn't an issue Balto!
The starting running back for the oakland raiders is Robert Balto
by Chris Bernier & Mike Scholl May 01, 2004
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