ballsacs: an expression of frustration or disbelief
Ballsacs! I should've strapped up when I fucked that stripper last night.
by DBack22 January 26, 2008
Top Definition
a sack for your balls you dumbass
If you don't shut the fuck up i'm gonna rip your motherfuckin ballsac off you shithead.
by ballistic ballsac brenda May 05, 2003
the scrotum on a male reproductive system
00 <(these)
by Kevin January 16, 2005
A lukewarm skin covered often oval shaped solid, filled with living microscopic swimming 'tadpoles' (sperm)
Dude your ballsac is what makes babies
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
Another word for someone who is being a fool.
That was thing only a ballsac would do
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
A common slang word for someone acting like a dick and was created by a godlike being called Alex.
dude that mexican is so good at kareoke!" "no he's not don't be such a ballsac!
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
An incorrect spelling of ballsack
Ballsack McMiachelson: "I eat ballsacs!"
Duckskin McGoo: "That's BallsacKs, tard"
by Xenion January 06, 2007
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