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the scrotum on a male reproductive system
00 <(these)
by Kevin January 16, 2005
a sack for your balls you dumbass
If you don't shut the fuck up i'm gonna rip your motherfuckin ballsac off you shithead.
by ballistic ballsac brenda May 05, 2003
A lukewarm skin covered often oval shaped solid, filled with living microscopic swimming 'tadpoles' (sperm)
Dude your ballsac is what makes babies
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
ballsacs: an expression of frustration or disbelief
Ballsacs! I should've strapped up when I fucked that stripper last night.
by DBack22 January 26, 2008
Another word for someone who is being a fool.
That was thing only a ballsac would do
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
A common slang word for someone acting like a dick and was created by a godlike being called Alex.
dude that mexican is so good at kareoke!" "no he's not don't be such a ballsac!
by CSG3 April 27, 2011
An incorrect spelling of ballsack
Ballsack McMiachelson: "I eat ballsacs!"
Duckskin McGoo: "That's BallsacKs, tard"
by Xenion January 06, 2007