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(1)(noun) The act of doing something no holds barred with insane passion and dedication. (2)(adj.) A complete mastery of the deep throat such that the penis and testicles are enveloped or at least the tongue touches the taint. (2)(adverb)(obscure) An act of intercourse where the male attempts to "crush the guts" of the female participant, attempting to thrust so deeply that the penis and testicles seem to have entered the vaginal canal.
(syn.- see "balls deep, balls and all")
1. - "No guts- no glory, no brains- no headache! I'm hitt'n that fuck'n slope balls 'n all... "

2. - "She actually milked my balls with her lips while I was blowing down her throat! Oh ya' she took it balls 'n all man, balls 'n all!"

3. - "She wanted it harder, so I gave it to her balls 'n all- she screamed like she was dying, came so hard she threw her back out, then told me she loved me."

by Captclam August 25, 2006
Used to describe a girl with a very large mouth. Suggesting that when she sucks cock she could also swallow your balls.
Man look at the size of her mouth, she's a Balls'n all kinda girl!
by Nitram May 26, 2004
profuse stuffing of any orfuss with an object of great size then going the extra mile and sticking two more smaller objects in providing fun for all partys involved
"wow" u just took my shit balls'n all, how your jaw?
by tim cartwright February 03, 2004
when somebodys got a real small cock,the only way he can satisfy his chick is he has to stick his balls and cock in her.
Chief's cock so tiny he had to ballsNall his hooker last night!
by mike mc May 27, 2003
Refers to loving everything thrown on the barbeque for a good roasting! Passion for barbeqing; A passionate expression for saying 'everything'; the works

example 1: Trows in dere! Buddy, i luvs it, balls 'n all!

example 2: I'll have a supersize combo, balls 'n all!
by Magpi March 30, 2006
To have a person deep throat a penis until the gag reflex produces vomitus projectilus.

Derived from a dirty nursury rhyme popular in the 1970's:

"Eat Me Raw,
Balls'n all!
Don't stop there,
Get a little hair!"

Modern use is usually derogatory, see example
"Yo! Faggott! Eat Me balls'n all"
by ButtFuzz May 28, 2004
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