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The act of licking a boot for an excuse to step higher in life; Brown noser; No other option than to become a boot licker
I refuse to learn anything else. I would rather become a boot licker and suck an ass to step up in life than to gain experience.
by Magpi March 30, 2006
Calling someone a crazy bitch with the confidence of pronouncing it with a German Accent.
She's crazy! She's such a biatch-nutz!
by Magpi March 30, 2006
Refers to loving everything thrown on the barbeque for a good roasting! Passion for barbeqing; A passionate expression for saying 'everything'; the works

example 1: Trows in dere! Buddy, i luvs it, balls 'n all!

example 2: I'll have a supersize combo, balls 'n all!
by Magpi March 30, 2006

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